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Decoring Hammer Manufacturer

Decoring Hammer

A cost-effective pneumatic core removal tool. Decoring work for cast aluminum, cast steel, and other castings where internal sand core removal is difficult or sand core remains

decoring hammer
decoring hammer

Decoring hammer is a specialized tool used in foundries and metalworking industries to knock out the core from castings. Cores are used to create hollow sections of a casting, which are often difficult to remove after the casting is cooled and solidified. Decoring hammer is a powerful tool that delivers high-impact blows to the casting to loosen and remove the core.

KCE 70 plus Decoring Hammer

The No. 1 decoring hammer brand in China’s market share efficiency.
You can imagine how many world-class automobile brands are in the Chinese market, most of their cylinder casting sand cleaning is using KCEN70plus series high-frequency air flushing decoring hammer. In the Chinese market, KCEN70plus has won more trust due to its quality and high efficiency of decoring in casting, and of course, there are more orders.

KCEN70plus series high-frequency air flushing decoring hammer is mainly used for core removal of cast aluminum, cast steel, and other castings that are difficult to remove internal sand cores, or have sand core residues, such as automobile engine cylinder blocks and cylinder heads, automobile turbochargers Decoring of steel castings, heat exchangers and other castings.

It has the advantages of high frequency, high productivity, good reliability, long service life, and low maintenance cost. And fully compatible with Italy O* **70, 70-, 70-, France G2638. ***2634 decoring hammer replacement, and provide the same warranty.

At the same time, it provides Italy O70, 70-, 70-, France G**2638. ***2634 decoring hammer maintenance service, spare parts supply service, provide the same quality assurance, and the cost performance is also higher.

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decoring hammer
decoring hammer

Three Featured Products of KCE 70plus Decoring Hammer

  • KCEN70plus: special exhaust system, shock frequency, and shock stability are suitable for the casting decoring of general cast aluminum, cast iron, and cast steel;
  • KCEN70plus-BL: The shock force is more stable, and suitable for casting decoring of cast aluminum, cast iron, and cast steel parts with complex internal structures and difficult sand cleaning;
  • KCEN70plus-BR: The shock frequency is higher, the shock force is smaller, and the air pressure is lower, so the air consumption is smaller at the same decoring hammer frequency, especially suitable for the new generation of small and precise (thin walls and cavities) ) castings and castings produced using inorganic sand cores;

Notes: The three decoring hammers can be equipped with an air cleaning device to prevent sand from accumulating on the hammer end and entering the inside of the hammer, especially suitable for occasions with high-reliability requirements; (such as hammering stations that require rotating functions). Read More: Casting Wikipedia

Technical parameter of KCE 70plus Decoring Hammer

Hammer frequency(4 bar)(Hz) 18.4 19 20.5
Air consumption(4  bar)(L/min)830835 805
Hammer frequency(6 bar)(Hz) 19 20.5 23
Air consumption(5  bar) (L/min)895925 912
Hammer frequency(6 bar) (Hz) 20.521.5Hz25Hz
Air consumption(6  bar) (L/min)1030 936920
Air inlet threadG3/4″G3/4″G3/4″
Recommended striking distance (MM)757575
Max striking distance (MM)120120120
Weight (kg)23.623.623.6
decoring hammer
decoring hammer

Care and Maintenance

Five Notes

ModelNoLogoProduct name
S-L1A1.Flat Hammer
S-L2A10.Plastic case
S-L2B2Gasket (red)
S-L312/Return spring
S-L4R15 Outside sale
S-L5-613-1, 13-2*Cylinder + Piston KCEN70plus
S-L5-6L13-1, 13-2L*Cylinder+piston KCEN70plus-BL
S-L5-6R13-1, 13-2R*Cylinder+piston KCEN70plus-BR
S-L713-8-1*Ring nut
S-L913-3*External valve KCEN70plus/KCEN70plus-BL
S-L9R13-3R*External valve KCEN70plus-BR
S-L1013-5*Internal valve
S-L1113-6*Valve cover plate
S-L1213-7#Upper gasket
S-L1313-10/Shock spring
S-L1413-9#Rubber bowl washer
S-L16A143/4″ air pipe connection
S-L196#Cylinder wiper
S-L203M10 or M6 bolts
S-L214M10 or M6 anti-vibration and anti-loosening washers
S-L2213-4#6X50 elastic pin
S-L238M8 lock washer
S-L2411M8 bolt
S-L257M8 lock nut
S-L269#Support ring
  1. – The service life depends on the working environment conditions, such as the temperature of the struck casting.
  2. / – Decoring Hammer needs to be replaced after 1500 hours of hammering time, but if the distance between the hammer head and the casting (that is, the striking distance) is not within the specified distance, then such parts need to be replaced after 1000 hours of hammering time.
  3. * – Prevention and maintenance of Decoring Hammers (after 500 hours of hammering or slightly longer) will require repair or replacement of these parts.
  4. # – Such parts are recommended to be replaced every time maintenance is performed.
  5. – It is recommended to be replaced by the original engineer.


  • Decoring hammers must be lubricated regularly with air tool lubricant. Mobil Amer 525 ISO VG 46 oil is recommended. Each decoring hammer must have an independent lubrication system (a drop of oil is lubricated every 3-4 seconds, and a vibration cycle is 20-30 seconds) o
  • If the decoring hammer is not used for a long time, the inside of the air hammer must be cleaned with a degreasing agent.
  • The decoring hammer must be inspected and cleaned every 250 hours of actual work (referring to the cumulative hammering time), and a degreasing agent can be injected into the air inlet.
  • Never use a decoring hammer without a hammer head.
  • Do not use a decoring hammer without a casting to strike.
  • In order to ensure that all decoring hammers work normally, all pneumatic hammers are connected with pipelines of the same length.

Working video of casting decoring hammer

Working video of Honda car casting decoring machine
Working video of copper alloy faucet casting decoring machine

Further Reading

Features of Decoring Hammer

  • Decoring hammer usually has a powerful pneumatic or hydraulic mechanism, which enables it to produce high-impact blows with ease and efficiency.
  • It typically has a hardened steel or carbide tip that can easily penetrate the casting and knock out the core without causing damage to the casting itself.
  • Decoring hammer highly increases the efficiency of the casting process.
  • It is an essential tool in foundries where high volume production is required.
  • It enables decoring to be performed quickly, safely, and accurately without causing damage to the casting.
  • Decoring hammer improves the quality of the finished casting, reducing defects and improving the overall quality of the casting.

Applications of Decoring Hammer

  • Foundries and metalworking industries are the primary users of decoring hammers.
  • It is used to remove the sand cores from castings, including engine blocks, cylinder heads, and other complex shapes.
  • Decoring hammer is often used in high volume production environments to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.


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