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Magnetic Particle Brakes

Magnetic Particle Brakes are an automatic control element with multi-purpose and superior performance. It has been widely used in papermaking, printing, plastics, rubber, textiles, printing and dyeing, wire and cable, metallurgy, tablet presses, and other related coiling and processing industries for unwinding and winding tension control.

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Apron Feeder

An apron feeder is mainly used to continuously and evenly supply and transfer various large heavy objects and abrasive bulk materials from storage bins or transfer funnels to crushers, batching devices, or transportation equipment. 

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Vertical Dump De coring machines
Vertical Dump De coring machines
Decoring Machine Manufacturer
Decoring Machine Manufacturer

Decoring Machine

The casting Decoring Machine is an advanced structure, high-efficiency production of sand core removal equipment for non-ferrous metal castings. It is mainly used for cleaning sand cores of various aluminum alloy castings with complex cavities. Pump body, casing, and other castings.

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