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Medium-duty Apron Feeder

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Medium-Duty Apron Feeder
Medium-Duty Apron Feeder

What is WBL Medium-Duty Apron Feeder?

WBL series medium-sized apron feeders can be used to convey various lumpy or loose materials from storage to crushers, conveyors or other working machinery along the horizontal or inclined direction. Widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining and other industries, it is an indispensable equipment in the process of raw material processing or continuous production.

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Medium-Duty Apron Feeder
Medium-Duty Apron Feeder

The Features of WBL Medium-Duty Apron Feeder

The YVF2 series frequency conversion speed regulating motor and the planetary reducer are directly connected to reduce the transmission, which simplifies the structure and improves the transmission efficiency. The feeding volume can be adjusted smoothly through the frequency conversion speed regulating device. The power configuration and constant torque output adapt to the working conditions of heavy load and variable incoming materials, so that the supporting equipment can receive materials evenly and work stably, which is conducive to the realization of system automation. , to meet the needs of different production volume requirements in a large range. Machine→The machine speed ratio is large, and the torque of the output shaft is also large. It can be driven by direct deceleration, and it is more suitable for starting low-speed and heavy-duty equipment.

Five Benefits of Medium-Duty Apron Feeder

  • The driving sprocket adopts integral sprocket, and the chain adopts alloy structure steel plate chain, which is safe and reliable in operation, easy to use, and the chain does not need to be frequently oiled. It adopts a new conveying trough design, which has good rigidity, impact resistance, good airtight performance, and no leakage, scattering, deviation, etc.
  • The support structure of the channel plate adopts a combined support structure of rollers and light rails, which has high rigidity, impact resistance, and small running resistance, which can slow down the impact of materials on the channel plate, prolong the service life of the channel plate, and improve the service life of the whole machine.
  • The tail tensioning device of the medium-sized apron feeder is equipped with a spring device and a sliding bearing seat, which can slow down the impact load of the chain and prolong the service life of the chain.
  • According to the actual situation of the site, it can be used to land horizontally or with feet to reduce civil construction, and the maximum inclination angle can reach 25°.

Technical parameter of medium-duty apron feeders

ModelChain plate
Chain wheel
center distance
Chain plate
Feed size
L × W× H
WBL120-312003000≤0.15300-40035-217xWED7.5-8215A-2137.54960x3150x14345075(Without reducer)
WBL120-412004000≤0.15300-40035-217Y160M-67.55640 x 3402.5×12856100
WBL120-4.512004500≤0.15300-40035-217xWED7.5-8215A-2137.56460x3150x14346350.6(Without reducer)

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