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Top 4 types of decoring machine and de-coring station

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Foundry decoring machines are special machines used to remove sand cores from castings. These sand cores are commonly used in the casting process to create hollow shapes or internal structures. Once casting is complete, the sand cores need to be removed from the casting for processing and use.

Top 4 types of decoring machine

Here are some common types of de-coring machines for foundry use:

  • Hand-held de-coring machine: This machine usually consists of a hand-held body with an attached vibrating head. The vibration head can vibrate on the surface of the casting to vibrate the sand core.
  • Pneumatic decoring machine: This machine uses compressed air or other gas as its power source. The sand core is pushed out of the casting by sending an airflow into the casting.
  • Hydraulic Decoring Machine: This machine uses hydraulic pressure as its power source. The hydraulic system can remove the sand core from the casting by compressing or expanding hydraulic cylinders.
  • Rotary Decoring Machine: This machine uses a rotating burr or other rotating cutting tool to cut the sand core out of the casting. This method is typically used to remove larger or difficult cores.

Regardless of the type of foundry corer used, the purpose is to quickly and efficiently remove sand cores from castings so that they can be processed and used further.

De-coring station

The foundry de-coring station is an important equipment in the foundry workshop, mainly used for removing sand cores, cleaning sand slag and surface oxide scales of castings. The core removal station generally includes components such as a core removal gun, a compressed air system, a dust collection system, and a control system.

When working, the operator inserts the core removal gun into the sand core inside the casting, starts the compressed air system, and the high-pressure airflow shatters the sand core and blows it out of the casting. Dust and impurities generated during the coring process are collected by a dust collection system to keep the foundry clean and hygienic.

The main features of the casting de-coring station are simple and convenient operation, good de-coring effect and fast de-coring speed, which can be widely used in the decoring and cleaning of castings. The core removal station also has the advantages of high automation, high work efficiency, and saving human resources. At the same time, the core removal station can also be customized according to the characteristics of different casting processes and castings to meet users with different needs.