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Three basic knowledge of heavy-duty apron feeder

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In the current mining and mineral selection work, the heavy-duty apron feeder is mainly a multi-purpose and good short-range mineral transportation equipment. The market is more common and has the characteristics of large transmission volume and high efficiency.
With the in-depth development of minerals and the improvement of demand, the requirements of heavy-duty apron feeders need to be greatly improved in terms of conveying volume. Select a reasonable solution for a solution.
This requires on the one hand, based on the performance of consolidating heavy-duty apron feeders, and at the same time, it is necessary to ensure the life of the heavy-duty apron feeder and provide more help for future work.

Apron Feeder

An apron feeder is mainly used to continuously and evenly supply and transfer various large heavy objects and abrasive bulk materials from storage bins or transfer funnels to crushers, batching devices, or transportation equipment. 

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What is a heavy-duty apron feeder?

At present, due to the increasing demand for the continuous development of metallurgy and building materials industries, transportation equipment has received widespread attention. In the related work of mining minerals, heavy-duty apron feeders are a more important type of transportation equipment.

Apron Feeder
Apron Feeder

From the perspective of working principles, the daily operation of the heavy-duty apron feeder mainly uses a high-strength bulldozer modulus chain as an effective traction part. During the work process, the two chains will bypass a pair of drivers installed on the head of the body and a pair of tension wheels around the rear of the body, thus connecting the systematically closed circuit.
This installation method is that each chain section of the two rows of chains, will be equipped with the interchangeable, heavy structure conveyor tank, and then becomes a conveying line with continuous loading materials.

During the application process of heavy-duty apron feeders, non-standard design can be made according to the actual needs of the work, but considering the complexity of the equipment itself, in the design process, more details need to be considered, and it is necessary to fully avoid it to avoid it. Various elements bring adverse effects.

Introduction to the structure of heavy-duty apron feeder

A heavy-duty apron feeder is a device suitable for material transportation. Compared with the belt conveyor, this device’s main advantage is that it can directly bear the material.

The main advantage of the driving device of the heavy-duty apron feeder is that it uses non-basic installation. The drive device is connected to the wires of the device through the torque lever and the support.
At the same time, the connection form of the main axis of the reducer in the driving device to the spindle device is locking the hollow axis connection. This connection form is more practical and secure.

The main axis device of the heavy plate to the feeder is the bearing seat, and the sprocket and the support wheels are the main structure.


  • Bearing seat: The main shaft device is connected to the head of the rack through the form of the bearing seat.
  • Sprocket: The main function of the sprocket is to drive the chain to move.
  • Rink wheel: In addition to the choice of the bearing to the bearing of the heavy-duty apron feeder, the psychedelic wheel has a very important role to prevent the chain board from running off in the process of transportation, so During the design of the rolling wheel of the roller, design a convex device on one side, which can well limit the horizontal movement of the chain board.


The rack of the heavy-duty apron feeder is very critical in the entire device, supporting the weight of all components on the equipment and the weight of transportation materials. Therefore, it must pay enough attention during the design process. The rack of the heavy-duty apron feeder is a gong-shaped structure formed by the steel plate. There are several tendons welded between the upper and lower winged edges. The steel group is welded as a whole, and its structure is strong and stable.

The Importance of Heavy-Duty Apron Feeder

In the current work, the importance of the heavy-duty apron feeder is more prominent, and in many aspects, it will have a greater impact on the performance and life of the heavy-duty apron feeder.

In order to improve the efficiency of operation objectively, a comprehensive calculation and analysis should be carried out for the power and resistance of the heavy-duty apron feeder according to the specific workload, work schedule, work tasks, etc., and the function setting and operation design, effectively combining site use requirements and process standards.

On the other hand, for the design of the heavy-duty apron feeder, all details must be checked one by one. It is necessary to ensure that the heavy-duty apron feeder will not have any problems in daily work and ensure that the equipment can be produced task indicators.

It is worth noting that in actual use, some users continue to increase output and use operation procedures in violation of regulations, which promotes the overload operation of heavy-duty apron feeders, and there are great hidden dangers, which must arouse a high degree of attention, and the user should be notified in time to prohibit overloading, so as to avoid affecting the normal production of the user due to equipment damage.