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Why does an apron need a pocket? 4 reasons

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Heavy-Duty Apron Feeder

In an apron feeder, the pocket refers to a raised portion of the steel plate or apron, which helps to hold and transport materials through the conveyor system. The pocket acts as a containment area, preventing the material from spilling or falling off the apron as it moves along the conveyor.

There are 4 reasons why an apron feeder needs a pocket:

Prevents Material Spillage

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The primary function of the pocket is to prevent material spillage from the apron feeder. As the apron moves along the conveyor, it carries heavy materials that can easily spill or fall off the edges of the apron. The pocket prevents this from happening by creating a raised area that holds the material in place.

Increases Capacity

The pocket on an apron feeder increases the capacity of the conveyor by allowing more material to be transported in one pass. The pocket provides additional space for the material to be carried, reducing the likelihood of the material falling off the apron and increasing the amount of material that can be transported.

Improves Material Flow

The pocket on an apron feeder also helps to improve the flow of the material through the conveyor system. By creating a containment area for the material, the pocket ensures that the material is evenly distributed across the width of the apron, reducing the risk of blockages or clogs in the conveyor.

Reduces Wear and Tear

The pocket on an apron feeder can also help to reduce wear and tear on the conveyor system. By holding the material in place, the pocket prevents the material from rubbing against the sides of the apron, reducing the risk of damage to the conveyor and prolonging the life of the system.

Overall, the pocket on an apron feeder is an essential component that helps to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of heavy materials through the conveyor system. By preventing material spillage, increasing capacity, improving material flow, and reducing wear and tear, the pocket plays a vital role in the overall performance of the apron feeder.