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Are thicker elbows the best wear solution for pneumatic conveying systems?

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When an elbow in a pneumatic conveying system wears out, it seems logical that simply replacing it with a thicker wall elbow is the easiest solution.

While simply changing the wall thickness will not ultimately solve the problem of wear, it may be a simple solution in some applications. So is this the best way?

What is abrasion resistance?

Abrasion resistance is a war of attrition. Wear and tear is a costly problem, both in terms of replacement parts costs and labor costs during system downtime. There are a number of things you can do to combat wear and tear, including:

pneumatic conveying system
(Red circle shows: metal fatigue pattern after wear)
  • Change the elbow radius
  • Adjust the speed in the system
  • Use elbows with wear-resistant linings or backings

Limit wear on the elbows

While it is impossible to eliminate wear, there are several ways to increase wear resistance and reduce wear in pneumatic conveying elbows. First, use elbows with the largest possible bend radius so that the material conveyed by the system does not have to travel around tight bends. In this way, friction and material impact on the elbow is reduced.

If you’re conveying highly abrasive materials, consider wear-resistant elbows. Elbows using wear-resistant linings are very effective and there are a variety of elbows for different applications. This includes ceramic liners, cement liners, composite liners, alloys, replaceable back plates, and more. This means the elbow will outlast bare pipe or tubing without any special coating or backing.

The benefits of using elbows with wear linings are:

  • They are usually the most cost-effective solution
  • They can reduce production downtime by extending the life of the elbow
  • Many of these specialty elbows will fit perfectly into your conveyor system without any changes to the conveyor line

Ceramic Lined Elbows – The Solution to Pneumatic Conveying System Wear

Ceramic-lined elbows are one of the most versatile wear-resistant elbows, used in a variety of industries from grain and plastics to pet food new energy, and new materials. Ceramic lining provides protection against abrasive materials. The thick outer ceramic liner maintains system pressure and prevents leaks as material passes through the pipe or tube wears away. This means that the conveying system can continue to operate even when material elbows wear out, eliminating the need for frequent elbow replacements.

On average, ceramic lined elbows last 30-40% longer than the bare or bare pipe.

Selecting the correct elbow is critical to the operation of your pneumatic conveying system. It increases system efficiency, reduces downtime, and saves money.

There is no one elbow solution that fits all pneumatic conveying systems. It really depends on the material you’re conveying, the volume you’re conveying, the speed you’re conveying, and the temperature, all factors to consider. The important thing is to find a solution that fits your needs and talk to a company that has the expertise and experience.

The above is the content sharing of the best solution for the wear and tear of the pneumatic conveying system, hoping to help you solve the problem. If you want to know more about pneumatic conveying system solutions, you can pay attention to our account, and we will continue to update it in the future!!