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3 common problems and solutions to vibrating feeder

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vibrating feeder

What are the reasons for the low working efficiency?

Anyone who has used the motor vibrating feeder conveyor knows that it is widely used because of its reasonable design and convenient maintenance. However, during the use of the motor vibrating feeder, the feeding process will be slow, which will affect the work efficiency.

Too much material feeds, and the material accumulates in the machine base, which causes the equipment to run poorly.
Solution: Clean up the material in time and keep the vibrating feeder feeding evenly.

The feeding port of the equipment is not properly designed, and the pressure of the trough is too large, which affects the discharge.
Solution: Improve the feed port and reduce its feed pressure.

The included angles of the motor eccentric blocks at both ends of the motor vibration feeder are inconsistent, and the excitation forces of the two vibration motors are not equal
Solution: Make adjustments after confirmation to keep the included angles consistent.

The motor excitation force of the vibrating feeder is weak
Solution: adjust the position of the eccentric block.

What are the reasons for the damage to the hanging part?

As an important part of the industrial conveying system, the vibrating feeder is widely used in various industries. Many vibrating feeders are installed by hanging type. If the maintenance is not timely, the hanging parts will suffer from wear and tear and other failures.

Because the vibrating feeder works under the condition of frequent vibration, each component will generate large friction under the vibration, which will cause certain damage to each component.
The construction environment is complex, the installation is improper, and the force on each part is uneven, which causes the wear of each connection.
The hanging parts have poor wear resistance and are easy to wear.

As a piece of vibrating equipment, the vibrating feeder is inevitably worn in daily use. Regular maintenance of the equipment is required to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

What should be paid attention to before installing the motor?

A motor vibration feeder is feeding equipment that is widely used in various fields. It has a low maintenance cost, stable operation, and adjustable excitation force. It is widely used in chemical, building materials, electric power, and other industries. A vibration feeder is a vibration drive device that uses the eccentric block of the vibration motor to provide vibration force, so the installation and debugging of the vibration motor are particularly critical.

  • Before unpacking, check whether the vibration motor of the motor vibrating feeder is in good condition and whether it is damp.
  • Check whether the data such as nameplate and manual are correct.
  • Check whether the value of the eccentric block meets the requirements of the exciting force, and adjust it to the requirements of use before installing.
  • Check whether the installation surface is smooth and flat, and there should be no unevenness.