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Top 5 points for trough vibrating conveyor installation

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trough vibrating conveyor

Trough vibrating conveyor

The trough vibrating conveyor is a new type of vibrating conveying equipment suitable for medium and long-distance feeding (5-10 meters) with two vibration motors as the excitation source. The machine works in a state far beyond resonance, and the amplitude of the tank body will not increase or decrease significantly during operation, and the amplitude is relatively stable. At the same time, the exciting force can be adjusted, and then the conveying volume can be adjusted. It can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, grain, light industry, and other industries to transport all kinds of block and granular materials over medium and long distances.

According to the spring support method, the trough vibrating conveyor can be divided into two types: hanging type and seat type; according to the environmental dustproof requirements, it can be divided into two types: open type and closed type.

working principle

trough vibrating conveyor
trough vibrating conveyor

According to the vibration synchronization theory of plane single mass, when two vibration motors operate in reverse self-synchronization at the same angular velocity, the component forces of the inertial force in the direction of the rotation centerline of the vibration motors are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, cancel each other out and have the same magnitude as the center of the vibration motor. The component force in the vertical direction of the connection line is in the same direction and superimposed on each other. Under the action of the inertial force, the feeding trough makes a simple harmonic vibration along the direction of the resultant force, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying materials.

The main structure

It is composed of a shock absorber, tank body, vibration motor, front and rear brackets, and other parts. The vibration conveyor adopts two vibration motors of the same specification as the excitation source.

Prerequisites for installation

Check whether the trough vibrating conveyor is complete or not according to the general drawing of the equipment and the packing list.
Whether the supply voltage and frequency meet the drawing requirements.

Installation specific steps and precautions

trough vibrating conveyor
trough vibrating conveyor
  1. Before installation, the anchor bolts or embedded steel plates must be embedded according to the drawings, and the foundation should be leveled.
  2. After the front and rear brackets are installed, the level is adjusted to ensure that the corresponding spring installation planes of the front and rear outriggers are levels, and the height tolerance is less than 2mm.
  3. The mechanical parts of the feeding equipment are installed strictly according to the size of the drawings, and the springs are selected to ensure that the force of the shock-absorbing springs on both sides of the front and rear is basically the same. Symmetrical parts should be kept horizontal to prevent the material from tilting sideways during work.
  4. After installation, there should be no less than 50mm swimming space around the conveyor, so that the feeding equipment is completely free.
  5. It is not allowed to add or reduce any parts on the vibrating conveyor, and it is not allowed to cut holes in the vibrating feeding equipment. So as not to destroy the vibration parameters and damage the life of the equipment.