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11 Features and Main Technical Parameters of Decoring Machine

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Decoring machine

The decoring machine is a non-ferrous metal sand decoring equipment with an advanced structure and high production efficiency, and the sand falling efficiency is over 99%. It is mainly used for removing sand cores of aluminum alloy engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, manifolds, and some complex castings. The main structure is based on the technical requirements of casting decoring so that the vibration and pendulum can fully exert their effectiveness, so that the stress points and buffer points are scientific and reasonable, and have sufficient strength and rigidity. More: Casting Wikipedia

11 Features of Decoring Machine

Decoring machine
Decoring machine
  • The decoring machine is an integrated design with a small footprint and a beautiful appearance.
  • The soundproof room is specially designed with a thickness of 100 mm. The outer steel plate is sandwiched with soundproof materials. The inner sound-absorbing board can effectively reduce the noise generated by decoring hammering and protect the environment.
  • There is an L-shaped automatic opening and closing door on the front, which can be loaded and unloaded manually or automatically by a robot. There is an observation window on the door, which can observe the internal working conditions at any time.
  • With rear double doors and side doors, it is easy to clean the inner room and maintain and repair. All doors have safety interlocking devices, and all doors must be safely closed in place to start work.
  • The decoring hammer is supplied with oil by a special pulse lubricating oil pump, so that the decoring hammer can be effectively lubricated when it works at high frequency. The frequency and time of lubrication can be set on the interface, which is very convenient.
  • The casting position is detected by an infrared probe. When there is no effective clamping of the casting, the system cannot start working, making the work safer and more reliable.
  • System pressure, decoring hammer working pressure, gripper working pressure and safety door working pressure can all be adjusted manually, and there are pressure gauges outside the cabinet to display them respectively, and set them to the optimum value according to the process requirements. Among them, the system pressure and the clamping pressure of the leather bag are monitored by pressure sensors, and the system cannot work beyond the specified range, which can ensure that the system can work safely under effective pressure.
  • The operation box and man-machine interface are located on the right side of the L-shaped door, which is easy to observe and operate. The operation is started as a two-hand button to prevent human misoperation.
  • Set the man-machine interface, the variable parameters can be displayed and observed on the interface, and can be set and adjusted, which is easy to operate.
  • The man-machine interface can store a variety of process programs for different parts to choose and call.
  • The electrical cabinet body, operating table, junction box, etc. should be sealed to prevent the intrusion of sand and dust during sandblasting of molds.

The main technical parameters of the decoring machine

Hammer frequency(0.6Mpa)Hz20
Vibration frequencyHzMAX.24
Maximum blank size (lengthwidthheight)mm600*350*300
Maximum effective weight of casting (including sand core)kg50
Compressed air consumption pressure(0.6Mpa)L/m375*2=750
Compressed air pressureMPaMIN.0.6
Compressed air inlet size英寸3/4”(Main road minimum1”)

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Decoring machine workstation

Decoring Machine

The casting Decoring Machine is an advanced structure, high-efficiency production of sand core removal equipment for non-ferrous metal castings. It is mainly used for cleaning sand cores of various aluminum alloy castings with complex cavities. Pump body, casing, and other castings.