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Casting Decorer Machine in Metal Casting Process

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Decoring machine applied to Kohler, India

In the casting production of alloy, cast iron, cast steel, special alloy and other materials, after the casting is poured and formed, it is necessary to remove and replace the sand core in the inner cavity of the casting. Removing the residual sand core is an important process in the cleaning process of the casting. If the sand core is not cleaned completely, Will directly affect the quality of the finished product.

In terms of the decoring process, there are vibratory decoring machine with a certain level of mechanization on the market.

Generally, the workpiece to be cleaned is clamped on a vibration device that uses a vibration motor as an excitation source, and the workpiece is subjected to vibration, high-frequency vibratory decoring to shake off the sand core;
Or the casting is placed horizontally with both ends clamped and fixed, and a pneumatic decoring hammer is used to vibrate the casting from one end. Read More: Casting Wikipedia

Decoring hammer and decoring machine

Pneumatic decoring hammer or vibrating decoring machine generally refers to the use of pneumatic impact method to cast parts made of aluminum alloy, cast iron, cast steel, special alloys (such as engine block, cylinder head, exhaust pipe, pump body, valve body, Pipe fittings, shells, precision castings, etc.) The castings produced by various casting processes are vibrated and struck, and then the special equipment for removing the core sand in the inner cavity of the casting.

Decoring plants include small, medium or large coring plants in aluminum or cast iron, from manually operated to fully automatic decoring plants(decoring machine).

Decoring hammer, decoring machine for castings adopts pneumatic impact method, decoring to core sand to cast aluminum alloy and gray iron engine cylinder blocks, steel covers, exhaust pipes, pump bodies, valve bodies, pipe fittings, shell parts, etc. It is a sand decoring machine/equipment for vibrating and striking the castings of the process, and then cleaning the core sand in the inner cavity of the product.

The modern technology casting decoring machine adopts a high-impact speed, high-frequency pneumatic decoring hammer, and is equipped with functions such as vibration and sand shaking, workpiece turning and sand dumping, and continuous automatic loading and unloading on-line.

Vertical Dump De coring machines
Vertical Dump De coring machines

Decoring Machine

The casting Decoring Machine is an advanced structure, high-efficiency production of sand core removal equipment for non-ferrous metal castings. It is mainly used for cleaning sand cores of various aluminum alloy castings with complex cavities. Pump body, casing, and other castings.

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The composition and working principle of the decoring machine equipment

Decoring machine for castings is composed of pneumatic decoring hammer, workpiece clamping, shaking and flipping, vibration isolation, noise reduction, dust removal, electrical control and other units. Its working principle is to use impact vibration to generate impact acceleration and Cavity resonance generates peeling stress at the interface of sand layer or two-phase body to achieve the effect of sand removal process.

Several forms of casting decoring machine

Swing vibrating decoring machine: During the working process, the workpiece needs to be continuously swayed to pour out the loose core sand to improve the effect of the sand removal process. There are one-dimensional and two-dimensional movement modes.

  • Vibration + vibration decoring machine: For workpieces with complex inner cavities, large-amplitude vibration is used to clean the loose core sand.
  • Multi-station vibrating decoring machine: used for small workpieces, manual loading and unloading work.
  • Through-type automatic vibrating decoring machine production line: automatic continuous work, suitable for large batches and single products.
  • According to different process requirements, there are also multiple hammers, multiple directions of impact, etc.

Technology requirement

Decoring machine system equipment such as vibrating decoring hammers or vibrating decoring machines can be used alone or in combination with many other machines. Therefore the following processes are required:

Mechanical decoring hammer (pre-coring device)
Vertical oscillating decoring unit with or without swivel function (main coring unit)
Decoring by oscillating natural frequency (additional decoring device)
Combination process


The design of the decoring machine requires the use of experimental equipment to determine the optimal process parameters for coring. The ability to react quickly and flexibly to the design and manufacture of the decoring machine systems according to the changing requirements of the casting manufacturing process is of great significance to the success of casting. Therefore, it is essential for us to change equipment quickly and maintain short cycles