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The composition and working principle of the decoring machine

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Decoring machine

The decoring machine has been widely used in the foundry industry, automobile, aviation, and other fields, as well as for cleaning sand castings with complex inner holes. The decoring machine equipment has the following advantages: higher vibration frequency and efficiency; suitable for castings with complex internal structures and difficult sand cleaning.

decoring hammer
decoring hammer

Decoring Hammer

The No. 1 decoring hammer brand in China’s market share efficiency.
You can imagine how many world-class automobile brands are in the Chinese market, most of their cylinder casting sand cleaning is using KCEN70plus series high-frequency air flushing decoring hammer. In the Chinese market, KCEN70plus has won more trust due to its quality and high efficiency of decoring in casting, and of course, there are more orders.

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Working principle

The working principle of the decoring machine is to use the pneumatic impact method to cast core sand for aluminum alloy and gray iron engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, exhaust pipes, pump bodies, valve bodies, pipe fittings, motor shells, and shell parts. The castings of the process are blown and then go to the special equipment for inner cavity core sand.

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Working video of casting decoring machine

Working video of Honda car casting decoring machine
Working video of copper alloy faucet casting decoring machine

The equipment composition of the decoring machine

The decoring machine is composed of pneumatic impact, workpiece clamping, vibration turning, vibration isolation, noise reduction, dust removal, electrical control, and other units. It uses shock vibration to make the workpiece produce shock acceleration and cavity resonance, and generates peeling stress at the sand layer or two-phase interface, so as to achieve the effect of sand removal.

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Types of decoring machine

  • Swing vibrating core removal machine: During operation, it is necessary to continuously swing the workpiece to pour out the loose core sand to improve the sand removal effect. There are one-dimensional and two-dimensional motion management methods.
  • Vibration + vibration core removal machine: For workpieces with complex inner cavities, large-amplitude vibration is used to remove the loose core sand.
  • Multi-station vibrating coring machine: Manually complete the loading-unloading work, used for small workpieces.
  • Through-type automatic vibrating core removal production line: automatic continuous work, suitable for large batches and single products, with high efficiency.

According to different technological requirements, there are also multiple hammerheads and multiple direction impacts.

Vertical Dump De coring machines
Vertical Dump De coring machines

Decoring Machine

The casting Decoring Machine is an advanced structure, high-efficiency production of sand core removal equipment for non-ferrous metal castings. It is mainly used for cleaning sand cores of various aluminum alloy castings with complex cavities. Pump body, casing, and other castings.

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