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Lost Foam Casting: Materials, Techniques, Equipment

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Lost Foam Casting: Materials, Techniques, Equipment

Lost Foam Casting Raw and Auxiliary Materials

There are many types of raw materials required for lost foam casting production, which can be roughly divided into model raw materials (foam plastics), coating raw materials (refractory binder), modeling raw materials (dry sand), and smelting raw materials (pig iron or other alloys). Whether the quality and parameters of various raw materials can be correctly controlled is the basis for the success or failure of the lost foam casting process.

Top 6 keys technology of lost foam casting

The lost foam casting production site is divided into “white area” and “black area”. Usually, pre-foaming of foamed plastic beads, mold forming, coating dipping, and drying are called “white area”; dry sand molding, smelting, pouring, and shakeout are called “black area”. From the “white area” to the “black area”, each link is closely connected, and each link has its own key technical points.

Lost Foam Casting: Materials, Techniques, Equipment
Lost Foam Casting: Materials, Techniques, Equipment

Technology 1#: Foam plastic model mold manufacturing technology

  • Lost foam casting process design;
  • Mold design;
  • Mold repair.

Technology 2#: Foam plastic model manufacturing technology

  • Pre-foaming process;
  • Mold forming;
  • Bonding combination.

Technology 3#: Paint and coating preparation technology

  • Paint formulation;
  • Paint preparation;
  • Paint application;
  • The coating dries.

Technology 4#: Vibration modeling technology

  • Vibration table selection;
  • Vibration parameters;
  • Operating points.

Technology 5#: Negative pressure casting technology

  • Selection of vacuum coefficient;
  • Pouring parameters;
  • Negative pressure specification.

Technology 6#: Filtration Technology

Special equipment required for lost foam casting

Lost foam casting mainly has the following special equipment.

White area

Molding Department. Pre-hairing machine, steaming cylinder, molding machine, model drying room, etc.

Model combination and paint drying department. Paint grinder, paint mixing drum, model drying equipment, etc.

Black area

Molding pouring department. Molding vibrator, vacuum system, sand treatment system, sandbox, rain shower sand adding device, sandbox transportation system, etc.