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10 steps to change the magnetic powder of magnetic particle brake

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How to Replace Magnetic Particle for Magnetic Particle Brake/Clutch

10 Steps to Replacing the Magnetic particle of a Magnetic Particle Brake

Magnetic Particle Brakes
Magnetic Particle Brakes
  • Loosen the fastening screws of the magnetic particle brake, remove the working circuit, and remove it from the machine.
  • Loosen the fastening screws between the rear end cover and the housing of the magnetic particle brake housing, and remove the fastening screws between the rotor shaft and the rear end cover: Take off the rear end cover.
  • Spread a layer of clean coated paper on the workbench, and pour out the magnetic particle between the inner rotor and the outer shell.
  • Using a wooden or rubber mallet, remove the particle brake inner rotor and rotor shaft.
  • Check the working surface between the inner rotor and outer casing of the magnetic particle brake, the bearing between the inner rotor and the rotor shaft, the rotor shaft, etc. If damaged, repair or replace.
  • If the magnetic particle brake coil is burned out, the end cover of the inner rotor can be removed. Remove the coil for repair or replacement. After the coil is installed, it should be cured and sealed with epoxy resin and other materials.
  • Install the inner rotor and rotor shaft into the particle brake housing. Keep a certain gap between the inner rotor and the outer shell. Use a special tool to evenly load new magnetic particles into this gap. During this process, do not mix foreign matter or impurities into the magnetic particle; do not move the inner rotor to avoid uneven distribution of magnetic particles.
  • Tightly connect the rear end cover of the magnetic particle brake housing with the housing and the rotor shaft.
  • Rotate the rotor shaft to make the magnetic particle uniform and loose to ensure flexible rotation.
  • Install the magnetic particle brake on the machine. Read More: Magnetic particle clutch Wikipedia