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3 Tips for Extending the Life of Magnetic Particle Brakes

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MPB-F Magnetic Particle Brakes

When the magnetic particle brake starts to work, there are a series of points to pay attention to. To be very careful, what small details should be paid attention to?

MPB-F Magnetic Particle Brakes
MPB-F Magnetic Particle Brakes

Tip one

When the hollow shaft magnetic particle clutch and brake are used for continuous slipping of coiling and coiling, the product and service life varies depending on the conditions of use (relative sliding speed, etc.). However, in general, the life of the magnetic powder when the rated torque is reduced in the rated current is about 4500 to 7500 hours.
However, in some cases, it cannot be used below the rated torque, so it can continue to be used, and the life can be further extended.
However, even at the same slip duty rate, when the slip rotation speed, that is, the relative rotation speed, is continuously high, the life of the magnetic particle brake tends to decrease, so the setting should be made to reduce the relative rotation speed.

Tip two

In order to prolong the life of the magnetic particle, it is also a way to make the allowable sliding work rate more abundant during use. For example, if it is used at 50% of the allowable sliding duty, the life can be approximately doubled.

Tip three

If the driven member is used as the input side, it will continue idling for a long time, the magnetic powder will be stirred, and the service life will be greatly reduced. Please try to avoid this method. If it is unavoidable in structure, please set the current to the weak excitation state when using it.

When running at low-speed rotation (below 16RPM), when used for continuous operation such as tension control, it will produce stable and stable torque characteristics. However, in the case of intermittent rotation with idling, after the voltage is applied, the start of the torque may be delayed a little bit. This situation cannot be avoided. Please use it as follows.

  1. Even when the roll is finished, the weak excitation (the fixed current of 7-150%) is continuously applied, so that the iron powder does not fall from the action surface;
  2. Please increase the minimum rotation speed to 16RPM.