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How to replace magnetic Particle for magnetic Particle brake?

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Magnetic Particle Brakes

Magnetic particle brakes are electromagnetic devices designed to provide controlled resistance and torque in rotating machinery. Comprising an assembly of magnetic particles within a rotor and stator configuration, these brakes offer precise control over the output shaft’s rotational speed. In the printing industry, where accuracy is key, these brakes find a unique and indispensable application.

The magnetic Particle brake is based on the electromagnetic principle and uses magnetic Particle to transmit torque. It has a basically linear relationship between the excitation current and the transmitted torque, and can transmit a certain torque without slip.

Comparative Analysis Of Magnetic Particle Brakes And Hydraulic Brakes

How to replace the magnetic Particle in the magnetic Particle brake?

  1. Place the magnetic Particle brake on the pre-prepared shelf (up and down), with the input shaft facing down and the output shaft facing up. Pay attention to handling and place it steadily;
  2. Unscrew the fixing bolts of the end cover and the stator.
  3. After removing the end cover, continue to unscrew the fixing bolts of the magnetic Particle chamber cover;
  4. After removing the magnetic Particle chamber cover, you can directly see the magnetic Particle chamber.

5 Take out the stator and clean the remaining old magnetic Particle inside, then clean the magnetic Particle chamber cover and stator with a clean cotton gauze, and do not leave any old magnetic Particle;

  1. After cleaning, please add the prepared new magnetic Particle according to the standard mesh specification (unit: g);
  2. After adding magnetic Particle, please fix the stator, stator bolts, aluminum cover, aluminum cover bolts, etc. in the original position. This step is very important if carelessness can cause magnetic Particle leakage.
  3. After sealing and tightening the magnetic Particle, please test the magnetic Particle brake and put it into use if there is no abnormality.


The magnetic Particle brake has fast response speed, simple structure, high control accuracy, wide torque control range, and low power consumption. It is a multi-purpose and high-performance automatic control component. It is widely used in various machinery for different purposes of braking, loading, and unwinding tension control in winding systems, etc.