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Magnetic Particle Brakes : Four major factors causing jamming

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Magnetic Particle Brakes

The magnetic Particle brake is composed of a transmission unit (input shaft) and a driven unit (output shaft). The space between the two sets of units is filled with granular magnetic Particle (accumulation is about 40 microns). When the magnetic coil is non-conductive, the torque will not be transmitted from the transmission shaft to the driven shaft. However, if the coil is electromagnetically energized, the magnetic force will attract magnetic particles to produce a hardening phenomenon, and the torque will be transmitted between successive slidings. 

Magnetic Particle brake is mainly composed of rotor, stator, electromagnetic coil, magnetic Particle, junction box, etc. Magnetic Particle brakes have the characteristics of fast braking response, strong braking processing capability, and high precision. At the same time, because they will not be worn due to braking, their lifespan is extended. They are widely used in printing machinery, packaging machinery, and sewing equipment. , textile machinery and other fields.

Advantages and features of magnetic Particle brakes

  1. High control torque accuracy: The magnetic Particle brake uses an electromagnetic coil to control the braking torque, which makes the braking response speed fast and can accurately control the output current to achieve precise control.
  2. Unlimited braking and long service life: The electromagnetic coil of the magnetic Particle brake is not subject to wear and tear, so it has a long service life.
  3. Fast braking response: The magnetic Particle brake can be started and released quickly, and the braking response is fast, which improves work efficiency.
  4. Weak electromagnetic design: The magnetic Particle brake adopts a weak electromagnetic design, which has no interference with the surrounding environment and is safe and reliable to use.
Magnetic Particle Brakes
Magnetic Particle Brakes

Four major factors causing jamming of magnetic Particle brakes

  1. Due to the process of transportation or being left for too long, the magnetic Particle filled between the two sets of units was scattered aside, and the magnetization was not performed before starting the machine, causing it to get stuck;
    2 Due to the low manufacturing precision of the product and insufficient concentricity of the rotor, the output torque is uneven or stuck;
  2. Caused by excessive sealing of magnetic Particle during the production process;
  3. Caused by the use of inferior magnetic Particle;

In response to the above situation, when everyone chooses to purchase magnetic Particle brakes, they should choose magnetic Particle brake equipment with guaranteed quality. And perform regular maintenance during use to ensure the normal operation of the magnetic Particle brake.


Magnetic Particle brake is a device that utilizes the magnetization characteristics of magnetic Particle for braking. When selecting a magnetic Particle brake, the selection should be based on factors such as load characteristics, power supply characteristics, working environment, and cost.