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Magnetic Particle Brake:structure And Four major characteristics

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Magnetic Particle Brake:structure & 4 major characteristics

Magnetic particle brakes are based on electromagnetic principles and use magnetic Particle to transmit torque. It has the characteristic that the excitation current and the transmission torque are basically linearly related. It can transmit a certain torque regardless of slip, and has the advantages of fast response, simple structure, no pollution, no noise, no impact and vibration, and energy saving.

Magnetic particle brake is an electromagnetic brake that uses the principle of magnetic particle sliding energy consumption to control the braking torque within a certain range. It is a multi-purpose automatic control component with superior performance.

The structure of Magnetic Particle Brake

Magnetic particle brake is mainly composed of rotor, stator, electromagnetic coil, magnetic particle, junction box, etc.

  1. Rotor: the rotating shaft of the brake motor, responsible for transmitting braking torque.
  2. Stator: Surrounded by the rotor, a gap is formed between it and the rotor, and magnetic Particle and other substances are placed in it to produce a braking effect.
  3. Electromagnetic coil: Controls the size and change of braking torque in the brake to achieve precise control of the brake.
  4. Magnetic particle: The magnetic particle filled between the stator and the rotor receives the braking control signal from the electromagnetic coil to control the braking torque.
  5. Junction box: The junction box is installed in front of the solenoid coil and is responsible for easy maintenance of line wiring.

Four major characteristics of Magnetic Particle Brake

  1. High control torque accuracy: The magnetic particle brake uses an electromagnetic coil to control the braking torque, which makes the braking response speed fast and can accurately control the output current to achieve precise control.
  2. Unlimited braking and long service life: The electromagnetic coil of the magnetic particle brake is not subject to wear and tear, so it has a long service life.
  3. Fast braking response: The magnetic particle brake can be started and released quickly, and the braking response is fast, which improves work efficiency.
  4. Weak electromagnetic design: The magnetic particle brake adopts a weak electromagnetic design, which has no interference with the surrounding environment and is safe and reliable to use.


Magnetic particle brakes have the characteristics of fast braking response, strong braking processing capability, and high precision. At the same time, because they will not be worn due to braking, their lifespan is extended. They are widely used in printing machinery, packaging machinery, and sewing equipment. , textile machinery and other fields.