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Overview Of The Structural Components Of Magnetic Particle Brakes

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Comparative Analysis Of Magnetic Particle Brakes And Hydraulic Brakes

Magnetic Particle brakes are based on electromagnetic principles and use magnetic Particle to transmit torque. It has the characteristic that the excitation current and the transmission torque are basically linearly related. It can transmit a certain torque regardless of slip and has fast response speed.

Magnetic Particle  brake is a new type of transmission element that uses magnetic Particle as a medium to form a magnetic powder chain to transmit torque when energized. When the coil is not energized, the active rotor rotates. Due to the centrifugal force, the magnetic Particle is thrown on the inner wall of the active rotor. There is no contact between the magnetic Particle and the driven rotor, and the active rotor is idling. After the DC power supply is turned on, an electromagnetic field is generated, and the working medium magnetic Particle  forms a magnetic Particle chain under the action of magnetic lines of force, connecting the inner rotor and the outer rotor, thereby achieving the purpose of transmitting and braking torque.

Magnetic Particle Brakes
Magnetic Particle Brakes

Overview of the structural components of magnetic Particlebrakes

Magnetic Particle brake is a device that uses the magnetization properties of magnetic powder for braking. It is mainly composed of magnetic powder, magnetic powder tank, magnetic powder pump, magnetic powder separator, magnetic powder recovery device, electromagnetic coil, control box and other parts.

  1. Magnetic powder: Magnetic powder is the core part of magnetic Particle brake. It has good magnetizing properties and conductive properties.
  2. Magnetic powder tank: Magnetic powder tank is used to store magnetic powder.
  3. Magnetic powder pump: The magnetic powder pump is used to send magnetic powder into the magnetic powder tank.
  4. Magnetic particle separator: Magnetic particle separator is used to separate magnetic particles and non-magnetic substances.
  5. Magnetic particle recovery device: The magnetic particle recovery device is used to recover magnetic powder.
  6. Solenoid Coil: Solenoid coil is used to generate magnetic field.
  7. Control box: The control box is used to control the work of the electromagnetic coil.


The magnetic Particle brake has a simple structure, no pollution, no noise, and no impact and vibration. It is a multi-purpose automatic control component with superior performance. Magnetic Particle brakes are widely used in unwinding and rewinding tension control in papermaking, printing, plastics, rubber, textiles, printing and dyeing, wires and cables, metallurgy, tablet presses and other related coiling processing industries.