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Please remember 7 knowledge points of magnetic particle brakes

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MPC-F Magnetic Particle Clutches

Description and features of magnetic particle brake

MPB-F Magnetic Particle Brakes
MPB-F Magnetic Particle Brakes

The magnetic particle brake is based on the electromagnetic principle and uses magnetic particles to transmit torque. It has a linear relationship between excitation current and transmission torque. It can transmit a certain torque regardless of slip and has the advantages of fast response speed and simple structure. , is a multi-purpose, superior performance automatic control element. It is widely used for braking, loading, and unwinding tension control in winding systems for different purposes in various machines.

The magnetic particle brake has a beautiful and compact appearance, high technological level, strong anti-interference ability, strong anti-corrosion ability, and simple and convenient installation. It adopts a modular design, high stability, no vulnerable components, and no maintenance.

7 knowledge points

About the installation points of the magnetic particle brake:

  1. The magnetic particle brake uses direct current as the excitation power source.
  2. The magnetic particle brake drive shaft is installed horizontally; the installation accuracy of the drive shaft and the coupling is H8/f8; it is forbidden to use a hammer to assemble; the installation coaxiality of the drive shaft and the shaft connected to it is +0.03mm.
  3. During the transportation of the magnetic particle brake, the magnetic particle often gathers somewhere, which may cause a “stuck” phenomenon. You can flip the brake as a whole to loosen the magnetic powder, or use a lever to pry it.
  4. The water-cooled magnetic particle brake should run through water first, and it is forbidden to run without water (water pressure 1.5~3kg/cm2). The inlet and outlet pipes should be distributed up and down, with the inlet pipe at the bottom and the outlet pipe at the top.
  5. The magnetic particle brake does not support the installation method that bears the main transmission force in the radial direction.
  6. Before the magnetic powder brake is used for the first time, apply 30% of the rated current. After running for 10 seconds, power off and then power on again. Repeat several times to ensure the fluidity and uniform distribution of the magnetic powder.
  7. The magnetic powder brake cannot be used with excessive torque and rotation speed, otherwise, the magnetic powder life will drop sharply, or the phenomenon of powder leakage and sticking will occur.