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Top 3 points for attention in barite flotation mineral processing

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mineral processing

Barite is an important tungsten ore, widely used in the production of tungsten alloy, tungstate and other high value-added products. Barite flotation is a commonly used method for extracting and separating barite.

As barite is a common ore, the matters needing attention in its flotation mineral processing  are of great significance to improve flotation efficiency and ore recovery rate.

proper ore grinding

Proper ore grinding is very important before barite flotation mineral processing. Through fine grinding, the ore particles can be refined and the flotation performance of the ore can be improved. The following points should be paid attention to during the grinding process:

  • Selection of suitable grinding media and abrasives, as well as correct grinding equipment;
  • Control the grinding time and the amount of grinding media added to avoid excessive grinding;
  • Regularly maintain and maintain the grinding equipment to ensure its normal operation.

Choose the right medicine

Reagents play a key role in barite flotation mineral processing, the correct selection and use of reagents can improve the flotation effect. Here are some suggestions for drug selection:

  • Pretreatment with different chemicals, such as activators or dispersants to improve ore flotation performance;
  • Consider the interaction between different agents, and choose a drug combination with better compatibility;
  • Adjust and optimize the reagents for different ore properties to achieve the best flotation effect.
mineral processing
mineral processing

Commonly used drugs and their functions

Potion Function
 Activator Improve ore flotation performance
DispersantDispersed ore particles 
Inhibitors Inhibition of impurity mineral flotation
RegulatorAdjust ore surface properties
Collectors Capture flotation minerals 


Barite flotation mineral processing is an important and efficient ore extraction and separation method. Through reasonable selection of flotation agents and flotation machines, and full consideration of environmental protection and economic benefits, better mineral processing effects and resource utilization can be achieved.

However, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the mineral processing, it is necessary to conduct mineral processing tests, do a good job in equipment debugging and maintenance, and strengthen safety production management. Only in this way can we better apply barite flotation technology, improve the recovery rate of tungsten ore and product quality, and promote the development of tungsten industry