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9 important parameters of CO2 extraction of eucalyptus oil

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Supercritical CO2 extraction equipment

Eucalyptus Leaf Essential Oil: The main components of eucalyptus leaf volatile oil are 8-cineole, pinene, citronene, citral, rosin, and 1-acetyl-
4-isopropylidene cyclopentene, etc., also contains rutin, quercetin, quercetin, L(+)-homoserine, and also separates eucalyptus. Eucalyptus Oil
It has a strong bactericidal ability and also has antioxidant activity. The various biological activities of eucalyptus oil are related to its antioxidant activity, which can eliminate hydroxyl radicals and improve inflammation symptoms. In addition, eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory, infiltration-promoting, insecticidal, mosquito-repellent, and antipruritic effects, and has also obtained a large number of research results and clinical verification

Nine important parameters and processes of CO2 extraction of eucalyptus essential oil

Pulverize: Eucalyptus grandis leaves are washed and disinfected, dried at low temperature (not above 50°C), pulverized into powder, passed through a 40-60 mesh sieve, and stored in a desiccator for later use.

CO2 Extraction Methods: Weigh 150g of eucalyptus leaf powder into the extraction kettle, assemble it according to the procedure, check the airtight performance of the entire extraction system, and after the system is well airtight, use an entertainer pump to inject 30mL of co-solvent (90% ethanol solution), adjust When the temperature and pressure reach predetermined values, extraction is carried out under supercritical conditions, and the experiment comes the required time. The volatile oil of eucalyptus leaves is collected, and the extraction rate is calculated.

Nine important parameters

  • Eucalyptus powder: 150g;
  • Granularity: 50 mesh;
  • Extraction pressure: 403 bar;
  • Extraction temperature: 75℃;
  • Separation pressure: 80 bar;
  • Separation temperature: 55℃;
  • Cosolvent: 90% ethanol, 30 ml;
  • Time: 480 minutes
  • Eucalyptus oil extraction rate: 6.83%.