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Supercritical CO2 Extraction Method for Oregano Essential Oil

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CO2 Extraction Method for Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano Essential CO2 Oil

Oregano CO2 Select Extract is produced from the leaves of Origanum vulgare, an aromatic herb that is revered for its many uses in culinary and wellness applications. Aromatically, it possesses a warm, well-rounded herbaceous aroma that finds to smell much more like a fresh herb than its essential oil counterpart.

Oregano CO2 Select Extract is deep reddish-orange and is fluid at room temperature. It offers a longer shelf life than Oregano Essential Oil because the production of the essential oil exposes the oil to a great deal of heat during production. The CO2 extraction process uses virtually no heat and thus allows for a longer shelf life.

The oregano CO2 oil is comprised primarily of phenols: 60-80% of carvacrol and 4-5% thymol. In wellness applications, it helps to support healthy respiratory and digestive systems. It is a wonderful oil for use in cleaning applications. It is also helpful in massage formulations. For emotional wellness applications, it can help combat fatigue and improve mood. We encourage you to research the numerous benefits of this potent extract.

Oregano CO2 Select Extract is a middle note that blends well with many other CO2 extracts and essential oils, especially those in the herbaceous, floral, citrus, spice, and wood families.

CO2 Extraction Method Oregano Essential Oil

CO2 Extraction Method for Oregano Essential Oil
CO2 Extraction Method for Oregano Essential Oil

Pulverize: Oregano is washed and disinfected, dried at low temperature (not higher than 50°C), pulverized into powder, passed through a 60 mesh sieve, and stored in a desiccator for later use.

CO2 Extraction Method: Put the oregano powder into the CO2 extraction kettle; assemble it according to the procedure, check the airtight performance of the entire extraction system, and after the system is well airtight, adjust When the temperature and pressure reach predetermined values, extraction is carried out under supercritical conditions, and the experiment reaches the required time.
The volatile oil of oregano powder is collected, and the extraction rate is calculated.

7 Parameters of Oregano Essential Oil CO2 Extraction Process

  1. Granularity: 60 mesh;
  2. Extraction pressure: 350 bar;
  3. Extraction temperature: 50℃;
  4. Separation pressure: 98 bar;
  5. Separation temperature: 65℃;
  6. Time: 150 minutes
  7. Eucalyptus oil extraction rate: 5.82%.
Supercritical CO2 extraction equipment
Supercritical CO2 extraction equipment