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TA2 titanium alloy tube

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titanium alloy tube

Name: TA2 titanium alloy tube

Standard: National standard GB/T3624-2010 GB/T3625-2007

American Standard: ASTM B861-2006.ASTM B338-2006

Material: National standard TA1 TA2 TA18

American standard material: Gr1 GR2

Delivery status: M (pickling and annealing status)


Packaging: Bale or wooden box packaging

Surface treatment: Clean the inner and outer surfaces of the tube with nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid.

Surface quality: high precision, good finish, no oxide layer, pits, cracks, folds, rolls, scars, separation layers, hair lines and other defects.

Surface finish: Clean, dust-free, better acid-resistant service life.

Physical properties: better elongation and strength properties, no deformation after cold bending, no cracks after flattening and flaring.

Testing: tensile strength test, flaring and flattening test, hardness test, chemical composition test.

Product actual photos:

titanium alloy tube
titanium alloy tube