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TA2 titanium wire-TC4 titanium alloy wire

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TC titanium alloy wire

Name: titanium wire, TA2 titanium wire, TC titanium alloy wire

Specifications: 0.1-8.0mm

A. Titanium wire specifications: φ0.8-φ6.0mm

B. Titanium wire specifications for glasses: φ1.0-φ6.0mm special titanium wire

C. Titanium wire specifications: φ0.2-φ8.0mm for hanging fixtures

Allowable deviation: -0.125~-0.14

Standard: National standard GB/T 3623——2007

American standards: ASTM B863, ASTM F136

Material: TA0, TA1, TA2, TA3, TA7, TA9, TA10, TC4, Ti1533

American standard materials: GR1, GR2, GR3, GR5

Delivery status: Annealed status (M) Hot working status (R) Cold working status (Y) (annealing, ultrasonic flaw detection)


Packaging: bubble film plus carton or wooden box packaging

Surface treatment: pickled surface, bright surface

Surface quality: high precision, good smoothness, no oxidation color, no cracks, peeling, thorns, marks and inclusions, etc. Slight local scratches, abrasions, spots and pits that do not exceed the allowable deviation of the wire diameter are allowed.

Surface finish: Clean, dust-free, better acid-resistant service life.

Physical properties: better elongation and strength properties, no deformation after cold bending, no cracks after flattening and flaring. Wire materials with a diameter of more than 3mm should be free of shrinkage, pores, delamination, cracks, and metal or non-metallic inclusions.

Testing: tensile strength test, low magnification inspection, hardness test, chemical composition test.

TA2 titanium wire-TC4 titanium alloy wire
TC titanium alloy wire
TA2 titanium wire-TC4 titanium alloy wire
TC titanium alloy wire