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TC4 titanium alloy rod for aviation

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Titanium rod
Titanium rod

Product name

TC4 titanium rod, TC4 titanium alloy rod for aviation


National standard:TA1、TA2、TA3、TA9、TA10、TC4、TA18、ERTI-1、ERTI-2,Ti15333

American Standard:GR1、GR2、GR3、GR5、GR7、GR12、GR5、GR9

manufacturing process

Hot forging + turning (grinding) light

delivery status

R (hot-worked state) M (annealed state)

Diameter (mm)


Executive standard

GB/T 2965,GB/T13810,ASTM B348,ASTM F136,ASTM F67,AMS 4928


Titanium rods have excellent properties such as high strength, good corrosion resistance, good low temperature performance, high chemical activity, and low thermal conductivity.


1) Chemical industry: Titanium rods are mainly used in the chlor-alkali industry, metal anode electrolyzers, ionic membrane electrolyzers, filters, pump valves, wet oxygen coolers, refined brine preheaters, dechlorination towers, chlorine gas cooling and washing tower etc.

2) Medical field: TC4 titanium rods are mainly used as medical devices, orthopedic implants, such as bone screws, joints and spines.

3) Petroleum field: mainly TC4, TC11, TC18 and other high-strength titanium alloy rods, which are drilled and machined into titanium alloy tubes, mainly used for oil logging instrument outer cylinders, inclinometer outer cylinders, and deep sea resistance Ballast and other products.

4) Aerospace field: aircraft nozzles, fuselage frames, impellers and other parts.

Titanium rod
Titanium rod