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TC4 titanium rods for aerospace fasteners

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titanium rods
product name:Titanium alloy rod, titanium light rod
Executive standard:GB/T2965-2007、ASTM B348
Specification:φ2.0-380mm× Length 1000-4000mm
chemical composition
mechanical properties
tensile strength:895Mpa; Yield strength: >828Mpa; Elongation after breaking: >10%; Reduction of area: >25%
low tissue:qualified
Advantages: high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance
The use of titanium alloy rod processing parts, especially titanium connecting rods made of Ti-6AL-4V alloy rods in automobile engines, is not only wear-resistant but also light in weight, reducing the weight of automobiles, and has attracted the attention of many well-known automobile companies. Subsequent titanium spring seats, mufflers, exhaust barrels, etc. all use titanium. Of course, titanium rods are used as stirring rods and fasteners in the chemical industry because of their corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In the food industry, it is widely used as a titanium rod filter element due to its low toxicity and non-polluting characteristics. In addition, the superior performance of titanium has also attracted the attention of the medical community, contributing its power to the development of medicine and human health.
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