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Ti-6Al-4V aviation titanium alloy plate

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aviation titanium alloy plate

Product name: Titanium alloy plate for aviation

Implementation standards: AMS 4911H, MIL-T-9046J, ASTM B265, DMS1592F

Main ingredients: Titanium (Ti) balance, 5.5≤aluminum (Al)≤6.8, 3.5≤vanadium (V)≤4.5, nitrogen (N)≤0.05, carbon (C)≤0.10, hydrogen (H)≤0.015,

Iron (Fe) ≤ 0.30, oxygen (O) ≤ 0.20

Physical properties: Density 4.51g/cm3

Mechanical properties: Tensile strength: σb≥925Mpa, Yield strength σb≥870Mpa: Elongation: δ≥10%

Corrosion resistance:

Titanium has strong corrosion resistance in many media, especially in neutral and oxidizing media. It can also be used in some dilute reducing acids, such as various acids from normal temperature to boiling point. concentration of nitric acid. It has good corrosion resistance to most alkali solutions, such as saturated solutions of barium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, and magnesium hydroxide at room temperature, but it cannot be used for boiling sodium hydroxide solutions. Titanium is not corroded at all in seawater and is also resistant to corrosion in most organic acids (except formic acid and oxalic acid). It has excellent corrosion resistance in wet chlorine gas and chloride solutions such as chlorite and hypochlorite. Corrosion resistance in sodium chloride solutions increases with increasing solution pH.

Application fields: aerospace, chemical equipment, etc.

 aviation titanium alloy plate
aviation titanium alloy plate