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Titanium alloy tube

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Titanium alloy tube

Titanium and titanium alloy tubes are light in weight, high in strength and superior in mechanical properties. It is widely used in heat exchange equipment, such as shell and tube heat exchangers, coil heat exchangers, serpentine tube heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators and pipelines, etc. According to customer requirements, high-precision, large-diameter titanium and titanium alloy pipes, titanium seamless pipes, and titanium welded pipes can be provided. the

  1. Executive standard: GB/T3624-2010, GB/T3625-2010, ASTM B337, ASTM B338, ASTM B861, ASTM B862
  2. Production grades: TA1, TA2, TA3, TA4, TA9, TA10, TA13, TA15, TA17, TC4, TC10, TC11 GR1, GR2, GR3, GR4, GR5, GR7, GR9, GR12
  3. Production specifications: Φ (50-420mm) x wall thickness (1-50mm) x L (6-12 meters)

skills requirement:

1) The chemical composition of titanium and titanium alloy pipes should meet the requirements of GB/T3620.1

Titanium alloy tube
Alloy grade       chemical compositionChemical composition (mass fraction)/%
  main ingredientImpurities, not more than
TA1Industrial pure titaniummargin0.
TA2Industrial pure titaniummargin0.300.080.030.0150.250.100.40
TA3Industrial pure titaniummargin0.300.080.050.0150.350.100.40
TA4Industrial pure titaniummargin0.500.080.050.0150.400.100.40
TA10Ti-0.3Mo-         0.8Nimargin0.2-0.40.6-0.90.300.080.030.0150.250.100.40
Alloy grade       chemical compositionChemical composition (mass fraction)/%
  main ingredientImpurities, not more than
TA15Ti-6.5Al-1Mo-1V-2Zrmargin5.5-7.10.5-2.00.8-2.51.5-         2.5≦
Alloy gradechemical compositionchemical composition/%
  main ingredient杂质,不大于
TC4Ti-6Al-4Vmargin5.5-         6.753.5-4.50.300.800.050.0150.200.100.40
TC10Ti-6Al-6V-2Sn-0.5Cu-0.5Femargin5.5-         6.51.5-2.55.5-6.50.35-         1.00.35-
Alloy gradechemical compositionChemical composition (mass fraction)/%
  main ingredient杂质,不大于

2)Mechanical properties at room temperature(GB/T3625-2007)

Gradestatetensile strength     Rm/MPa           Specifies the non-proportional extension strength        RP0.2/MPaelongation after break        A50mm/%
TA1Annealed state     M≥240140-310≥24

3)The allowable deviation of the outer diameter of the pipe shall comply with the provisions in Table 1

Permissible deviation of outer diameter of titanium pipe (mm)
outer diameter3~10>10~30>30~50>50~80>80~100>100
Allowable deviation±0.15±0.30±0.50±0.65±0.75±0.85

4) The allowable deviation of the pipe wall thickness should not exceed ±12.5% of its nominal wall thickness, and the allowable deviation of the pipe wall thickness does not apply to the weld of the titanium welded pipe.

5) The length of the pipe should meet the requirements in Table 2.

pipe length(mm)
Titanium seamless pipeouter diameter≤15variable length500~4000
Titanium Welded Tubewall thickness0.5~1.25500~1500