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titanium cake

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product nameTitanium and titanium alloy target block, titanium cake
Grade/MaterialTA1,TA2,TA3,TC4(Ti6AL4V),GR1,GR2,GR3,GR5( Ti6AL4V)   
standardTitanium round target: technical condition: comply with GB/T2695-1996, ASTMB348-97 Titanium plate target: technical condition: comply with GB/T3621-94, ASTM B265-93
SpecificationRound target: Common specifications: 60/65/95/100*30/32/40/45mm Plate target: (8-25)mm * (150-300) mm * (1000-2500)mm Tube target: 70mm * 7mm /10mm
surfacePolished, can be threaded
characteristicLight weight, excellent corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, good heat resistance, good ductility, non-toxic, non-magnetic, excellent mechanical strength, etc.
stateAnnealed state (M) Hot processed state (R) Cold processed state (Y) (annealed, ultrasonic flaw detection)
applicationUsed in semiconductor separation devices, flat-panel displays, storage electrode films, sputtering coatings, workpiece surface coatings, and glass coating industry

Titanium cake, titanium target block material requirements


Purity is one of the main performance indicators of the target, because the purity of the target has a great influence on the performance of the film. However, in practical applications, the purity requirements of the target are also different. For example, with the rapid development of the microelectronics industry, the size of silicon wafers has grown from 6″, 8″ to 12″, while the wiring width has been reduced from 0.5um to 0.25um, 0.18um or even 0.13um, and the previous target purity was 99.995% It can meet the process requirements of 0.35um IC, while the preparation of 0.18um lines requires 99.999% or even 99.9999% of the target purity.

Impurity content

Impurities in the target solid and oxygen and moisture in the pores are the main pollution sources of the deposited film. Target materials for different purposes have different requirements for different impurity contents. For example, pure aluminum and aluminum alloy targets used in the semiconductor industry have special requirements for alkali metal content and radioactive element content.


In order to reduce the pores in the target solid and improve the performance of the sputtered film, the target is usually required to have a higher density. The density of the target affects not only the sputtering rate, but also the electrical and optical properties of the film. The higher the target density, the better the performance of the film. In addition, increasing the density and strength of the target makes the target better able to withstand the thermal stress during the sputtering process. Density is also one of the key performance indicators of the target.

product namepuritydensityCoating dominant colorshapeRegular sizeApplication industry
Titanium Aluminum (TiAl) Alloy Target2N8-4N3.6-4.2rose gold/coffee goldCylindricaldiameter
pure chromium(Cr)target2N7-4N7.19white/blackCylindricaldiameter
pure titanium(Ti)target2N8-4N4.51gold/gun black/blue/roseCylindricaldiameter 60/65/95/100*30/32/40/45mmDecoration/Tools
Pure zirconium(Zr)target2N5-4N6.5goldCylindricaldiameter 60/65/95/100*30/32/40/45mmDecoration/Tools
pure aluminum(Al)target4N-5N2.7silverCylindricaldiameter 60/65/95/100*30/32/40/45mmDecoration/Tools
pure nickel(Ni)target3N-4N8.9Metal colorCylindricaldiameter 60/65/95/100*30/32/40/45mmDecoration/Tools
Nickel vanadium(Nir)target3N8.57blue-greenCylindricaldiameter 60/65/95/100*30/32/40/45mmDecoration/Tools
pure niobium
3N8.57WhiteCylindricaldiameter 60/65/95/100*30/32/40/45mmDecoration/Tools
Pure Tantalum(Ta)target3N516.4black purpleCylindricaldiameter 60/65/95/100*30/32/40/45mmDecoration/Tools

2.standard value

Chemical composition reference standard
GradeAlVN≤C≤H≤Fe≤O≤other elements (single)other elements (sum)
Mechanical performance reference standard
GradeMechanical properties at room temperature, not less than
tensile strengthYield StrengthElongationrate of reduction in area
TA1240 MPa170MPa25%30%
TA2345MPa275 MPa20%30%
TC4895MPa825 MPa10%20%