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Titanium rod TC4 titanium alloy rod

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Name: Titanium alloy rod; TC4 titanium alloy rod

Detailed description:

Usage: Mainly used in mechanical equipment, electroplating equipment, medical, various precision machinery and other industries.

The use of titanium alloy rod processing parts, especially titanium connecting rods made of Ti-6AL-4V alloy rods in automobile engines, is not only wear-resistant but also lightweight, reducing the weight of the car, and has attracted the attention of many well-known automobile companies. Subsequent titanium spring seats, mufflers, exhaust barrels, etc. all used titanium. Of course, titanium rods are used as stirring rods, fasteners, etc. in the chemical industry because of their corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In the food industry, titanium rod filters are widely used because of their low toxicity and non-polluting characteristics. In addition, titanium’s superior performance has also attracted the attention of the medical community, contributing to the development of medicine and human health.

Implementation standards: GB/T2965, ASTMB348.

Product brand, status and specifications

TrademarkManufacturing methodsupply statusDiameter or side length mm
TA0 TA1 TA2 TC4Hot rolling, hot extrusion, hot forging 2. Hot forging + turning (grinding) hot rolling + turning (grinding) hot extrusion + turning (grinding)Hot working state R Annealing state M   Forged titanium rod: 26 – 200 2. Extruded titanium rod: 15 – 803. Rolled titanium rod: 8 – 24

Mechanical properties (1)Room temperature mechanical properties

Trademark Mechanical properties at room temperature, no less than
tensile strength       σbMPaYield Strength       σ0.2MPaElongationδ5%   ShrinkageΨ%shock value   αkkgf·m/cm2

(2)High temperature mechanical properties

TrademarkTest temperature℃High temperature mechanical properties, not less than
Tensile StrengthσbMPaDurable strength100hMPa
Titanium rod TC4 titanium alloy rod
Titanium rod TC4 titanium alloy rod