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Zirconium tube, coated zirconium tube

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zirconium tube

Name: zirconium tube, zirconium alloy seamless tube, zirconium welded tube, zirconium alloy extruded tube

Brand: Zr702, Zr704, Zr705

Process: [hot rolling] [cold rolling] [cold drawing] [extrusion] [coiling] [welding]

Specifications: [seamless pipe] outer diameter ¢5.0-120mm × wall thickness T0.5-10mm × length L1000-6000

[Welded pipe] Outer diameter ≥ ¢ 130mm × wall thickness 1.0-10mm × Length (customized according to customer requirements)

State: annealed state (M) hot working state (R) cold working state (Y) (annealing, ultrasonic flaw detection)

Surface: rolled surface, lathe surface, polished surface, pickled metal surface

zirconium tube
zirconium tube

Implementation standards

  • Zirconium tube, zirconium alloy tube: ASTMB523 ASTMB628
  • Packing: wooden box or according to customer demand.
  • Transportation: Express (ZJS, Yuantong, Shunfeng, Huitong, Post)