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Zinc-copper alloy wire

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zinc copper alloy wire

Zinc-copper alloy wire is an alloy wire composed of two metal elements, zinc and copper. Its composition is usually 70%-90% copper and 10%-30% zinc. Zinc-copper alloy wire is usually produced by cold drawing process, and can be made into wire rods, wire ropes and other products of various specifications and diameters. The conductivity of zinc-copper alloy wire is 29% of that of standard electrical copper, and it is a shielding material in the case of radio frequency interference.

The appearance of zinc-copper alloy wire is smooth, bright, fine, no broken wire, no oil stain, no burr, no scratch, no single wire, moderate hardness, and no stagnation during use. The background color is silvery white, the processing performance is good, and it can be punched, cut, welded, etc.

zinc copper alloy wire
zinc copper alloy wire

The following are some characteristics and uses of zinc-copper alloy wire:


  • Good corrosion resistance, especially good resistance to seawater corrosion;
  • Good heat resistance, can be used at high temperature;
  • Good antioxidant performance;
  • Good welding performance.


  • As anti-corrosion materials, such as used in marine engineering, oil fields and other fields;
  • Used in the production of various copper products, such as copper wires, copper tubes, copper plates, etc.;
  • For the production of electrical equipment such as wires and cables;
  • Used in the manufacture of various electronic devices, such as capacitors, resistors, etc.;
  • Used in the manufacture of various decorations, handicrafts, etc.

Zinc copper alloy wire should be stored in warehouses and other rooms, and kept dry and ventilated, and should not be stored in acidic climate for a long time. If it is stored outdoors, it should be protected from rain to avoid condensation caused by oxidation.