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Qingke Boqi: Development and Industrialization of Aerospace Complex Duct 3D Freeform Bending Technology and Equipment

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In response to the issues of “unable to produce,” “producing poorly,” and “producing slowly” in the forming of complex bending components required in aerospace, automotive, and nuclear power fields, research has been conducted on 3D freeform bending technology and equipment for complex bending components. This technology controls the trajectory and posture of the mold in space through a multi-axis linkage system, combined with axial feeding, to achieve continuous variation in the bending radius, direction, and angle of the components and to form complex components integrally. The project team has made a series of breakthroughs in the technical principles, process optimization, and equipment development of 3D freeform bending for complex aerospace ducts. They have developed China’s first six-axis freeform bending equipment and the first small-scale/lightweight freeform bending system. The key indicators of the six-axis bending equipment, such as bending angle and maximum thrust, have reached international advanced levels, with indicators like minimum bending radius, process analysis rate, and machining accuracy leading globally. Currently, the high-performance bent components and serialized bending equipment produced by this technology have been successfully applied to over 10 important aerospace equipment models and 5 major types of key bending structural components for new energy vehicles, achieving significant economic and social benefits.

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Application Directions

Applied in the fields of aerospace, nuclear engineering, automotive manufacturing, medical devices, architectural decoration, and electrical furniture.

Market Prospects

The market prospects are broad. Applications include control components on aircraft, compressor components, bleed air ducts, air conditioning ducts, hydraulic ducts, fuel and lubricating oil ducts, and pipelines for material flow between various types of equipment.

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About Qingke Boqi

The World Young Scientist Summit is an international youth exchange event hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology and the Zhejiang Provincial Government, and organized by the Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology and the Wenzhou Municipal Government, held annually in Wenzhou. Qingke Boqi is the technology transfer unit of the World Young Scientists Entrepreneurship Incubator, leveraging the innovative resources of nearly 500 research institutes and scientific institutions worldwide to promote the transfer and transformation of advanced international technology, serving large enterprises in creating a second growth curve.